Why Iranian tea?

why iranian tea



There is minimum or even no usage of Chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Iran tea farms. Iran is the only country in the world that has Organic tea.  Iranian tea has been exported worldwide as Organic food.


Natural and herbal tea taste without any additives in the tea production process. Iranian tea has unique taste in the world because of its natural smell and taste. 


best price

Low price compared to India and Ceylon tea.

Less percent of caffeine

Less percent of caffeine compare to Indian and Ceylon tea which led to less consumption and better for heart health.


hygienic production method

Classic and hygienic production method of in iran tea farm and factories.

produce best tea

Iranian tea in the foothills of northern Iran is the best and highest quality tea. Our company select some green tea leaf from mountainous arias and produce black and green tea and offer the best tea to his customers.