Why buy Iranian tea from us?

98exporters.com is tea supplier from Iran tea farms. We supply tea for export, local wholesalers, retail, restaurants and hotels even with their own packages and brands.

We solved any worry or problem may happening to you in the Iranian tea buying process. We describe you how we work and we strongly adhere on it because we believe in long term business relationship with you and customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us.


we believe in our customers deserve the best

 we are different because:

Warranty the equality of sample and cargo

Confirmed sample of product closed to contract and one copy deliver to customs, so just the confirmed product can discharge.

optimization for transportation and packaging.

laminated bags (PPbag) is less expensive than laminated cartoon or metallizer bags. PPbags are waterproof with special design for Optimizing the usage of container space.

final competitive price

The final price after adding all other prices (customs, transportation and packaging) is competitive as our company do all this matters with the reasonable price.

minimum increasing swing price

The tea price has the minimum increase swing and the price is competitive worldwide.

special offers for Gold and permanent customer

Our company suggest special offers for Gold and permanent customer to price stability and even giving The representation to customers who pass the target monthly sales.

doing all process related to export from A to Z

We are a supplier company and do all process related to export from A to Z directly and without any broker.

Buying Advice

we send market information every month to customer, so they can predict and decide for the best time for purchase.

High power supply

we have direct contract with 14 tea factory in north of Iran, so there is no limitation for volume of sale.

fast delivery

we can ready 120 MT tea for loading in 6 working day unless any special packaging to be considered.

tea processing and sorting capabilities

Iranian tea processing capabilities for customers who decide to have processing tea or tea Sorting.

no limitation in packaging

There is no limitation in packaging. Customers can order their own brand and design for packaging. Many types of packaging with the less prices and even free in some cases is available in 100 gr to 50 kg.