How we work work with professional and expertise team for selling and exporting food products. We act as supplier and exporter network who have direct contract with very farmers, factories and companies in Iran and some countries. We pick our partners very carefully and the best ever existed. So you can be sure about quality, power supply, competitive price, good performance and any other issues that maybe occur for you in the process of buying a product.

We know your concerns, we know any question that maybe occur for you between the process of buying product and we solved all of that.

Bellow we note some common questions that maybe happen for you with the answers. In case of any other questions contact us and let us know the point.


How i can put order of a product from website?

You can see our product from website and we precisely detailed the product specification. But if there is any specific or analysis about your needed product, you can send us to check with our experts.  We tried to answer all your questions in the content. So send us a formal request if it is possible or a complete request about what you need. Our experts answer you as soon as possible.  We put a form in website so you can fill that form and send us to further steps.


Is is a registered company? is a website work with Aftab Pardis Shomal Trading Co as performing partner. All the process is done by this company in Iran.


I want a product that is not in your website, what I have to do? is a supplier network. So if there is any request that is not in the website, let us know that. Our supply chain expert will provide for you the best provider possible. So don’t hesitate to call or send an email.


Is there any chance for cooperate?

If you are a trader, trading company or a product producer, you can send us your full resume and the CEO of company check if you meet the qualification. welcome to marketers around the world. You can have online learning about how we work and it would be a profitable business.


I am worry about quality of product, how I can be sure about quality?

We know about your concerns and it is your right to have guaranty for your buying product. we understand and respect that, So if an specific analysis is considered let us know or if any sample is needed we send for you respectfully and your accepted product will be closed to contract and we are responsible for to send you the exact thing.